Corridor Profiles

Corridor Profiles is an initiative by the CWC to create an extensive repository of information on habitat corridors across India. Each corridor profile is a regularly reviewed and updated report that contains in-depth information about the corridor. Data is collected from scientific literature, reports, and expert professionals, and includes information on various attributes of the corridor such as geographical features, wildlife use, human settlements, threats, conservation efforts, and more. A uniform format makes it easy for the user to extract diverse data across all corridors. This information is available to policy makers, researchers, students, and anyone interested in knowing more about habitat corridors in India.

Links to some corridor profiles

Bandhavgarh- Nauradehi Corridor:

Dudhwa- Kishanpur Corridor:

Kallar Corridor:

Kanha- Pench Corridor:

Mount Abu- Jessore Corridor:

Pench- Satpura Corridor:

Ranthambhore- Kuno Corridor:

Sahyadri- Konkan Corridor:

Satpura- Melghat Corridor:

Apart from the detailed downloadable profile, users can also view a quick glimpse of the corridor status through 8 principal indicators – 

Area of natural habitatHuman Modification Index score
Area under legal protectionLandscape Complexity
Species richnessLand Use Change
Average human populationFragmentation 

View and download corridor profiles here