Here at Coalition for Wildlife Corridors, we see the value in protecting and enhancing corridors to maintain landscape connectivity for wildlife. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and are strongly driven by science and  community based support to monitor, protect, and secure wildlife corridors of India. Connect with us to learn more about our goals and objectives, and how we go about making the change we want to see.


Maintaining habitat connectivity is recognized as a key element in the conservation and management of endangered species. Effective landscape-scale connectivity conservation requires looking beyond organizational boundaries and working collaboratively to achieve a shared conservation vision. Through this belief was born the idea to form a coalition for corridors at an international workshop on connectivity conservation held at New Delhi in April 2018.


  1. Maintain a comprehensive and dynamic repository for data on corridors in India
  2. Co-design and undertake coordinated advocacy for corridor conservation     
  3. Develop, share and standardize approaches to corridor planning, connectivity design and monitoring
  4. Work to affirm implementation efforts of partner organizations through knowledge sharing, site visits, learning and external profiling
  5. Raise funds and create new opportunities to work together on connectivity conservation

Three pillars of CWC/Focal Areas

Corridor profiles

An extensive repository of information about corridors in India. This data is available for conservationists, researchers, policy makers, and anyone looking to learn more about wildlife corridors of India. 

Eyes on corridors

An initiative to track land use change that can have deleterious impacts on structural habitat connectivity. Information is generated through partnerships with local communities, local NGOs, engagement with development agencies and government departments

Action for corridors

A provision of tools, resources and models for connectivity conservation. Action for corridors will provide a space to create innovative models for community based corridor conservation, fundraising and advocacy campaigning